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New public art installations are popping up all over the city, offering something different every time you visit. This vibrant urban canvas features several quirky, large-scale murals that have transformed the South Loop neighborhood into a bustling public art oasis. It extends the entire length of West Chicago, from the north side to the west loop and even to the Chicago Riverfront.

The Richard Norton Gallery displays Impressionist and modern paintings, the Judy A. Saslow Gallery entertaining outsider art and Project Room hangs Tibetan photos and Cuban prints. Tours vary from month to month, but you can also visit the Ken Saunders Gallery, which displays luminous bowls and glass objects, or see the famous Picasso sculpture that the artist himself created for Chicago. Look out as you wander the streets and see the quirky Four Seasons Mosaic.

Visitors can also find contemporary works by Chicagoans at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Art Gallery of the Chicago Museum of Art.

The Carrie Secrist Gallery has been around for over 30 years, while the Kavi Gupta Gallery showcases modern sculpture, painting and photography that visitors can explore. The gallery's more than 200 studio spaces are open to artists who work in their own media and benefit from a variety of educational programs such as art courses, workshops and residencies. While local artists can use the gallery space for courses or workshops, artists can also exhibit and sell works. In three-wall exhibitions materials and non-materials are explored, and street artists show their talents in the Vertical Gallery.

The City of West Chicago continues to support and support the gallery generously, and the artists retain their vision for future growth. Illinois residents are finally getting access to limited WCPLD material. Businesses operating in West Chicago can personally apply for a library card that can be shared with staff and renewed every year. Once accepted, artists pay an annual fee and have to share personnel costs while the gallery is open.

The gallery also demonstrates its commitment to the community through its partnership with the West Chicago Public Library. The library is also working to present a solar eclipse it is organizing as the country prepares for the rare celestial event that will take place on August 21, 2017, just days before the start of summer.

The library in West Chicago also became a Census partner in 2014, holding a census hiring fair and providing information about the U.S. Census. That same year, the library partnered with the Chicago Public Library Foundation and Community Food Bank to serve free lunches to the community's youth. As a sign of joy, she announced a competition in which parishioners submitted designs for new ID cards according to their age groups. The winner in one of the three age groups received an Amazon voucher worth $50.

As a reward for participating in the programs in September, the library offered Fine Forgiveness tokens. Coinciding with the celebrations, the West Chicago City Museum sold jewelry to mark the 100th anniversary of the US civil rights movement. Visitors can attend an art crawl and open house run by Brave New Art, as well as a show at Gallery 200, offered by the Chicago Public Library Foundation and Community Food Bank. This can change from month to month, but it is usually open to the public daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For several years now, the artists of the gallery have been using their energy and resources to give the space a fresh look, to acquire exhibition units and to add new works of art. The Monique Meloche Gallery was set up to invite passers-by to explore.

The same year, a Harry Potter-inspired Yule Ball with crafts, food and a scavenger hunt took place in the library on Friday, November 30. The library remained open and celebrated with live music, food and special activities throughout the day and into the evening.

In West Chicago, a lecture on Latino history was held in partnership with the city's Museum. The permanent collection includes 7,500 unique pieces that showcase the works of more than 100 artists from the Chicago area and other parts of the country. It was created as part of a partnership between the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and the University of Chicago's Center for Latino Studies.

Each piece is a tribute to a local artist who lives here or a nationally recognized artist who is admired in Chicago. Artists benefit from a strong marketing effort targeting young people in West Chicago and other parts of the city, and the annual special events include "Unvalentines Day," organized by the YA Council.

The West Chicago City Museum, which is located directly opposite the library, often works with it. There are also 30 artist-run galleries in the city, which form the place where the gallery walks take place.

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More About West Chicago