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Next to Lincoln Park on the Gold Coast is one of the historic sites that many consider to be one of the most beautiful in Chicago, West Chicago. It is a great place for anyone visiting Chicago or looking for a unique vacation in Illinois, with attractions and sights to visit. Much of this city's open space is within walking distance of the shores of Lake Michigan and is wilder than most of Chicago's other parks. There are also many great restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and shops in the city, as well as a number of museums and galleries.

This is a great place to rent affordable studio apartments in Chicago if you need to shop in the Windy City for an extended period of time. Of course, short-term rentals are plentiful in this neighborhood, so it's also one of the best places in Chicago to find affordable studios and apartments.

If you are opening an itinerary, add a half-day trip to give visitors a taste of Chicago and the city's attractions. The inclusive passes cost between $95 per adult and $195 per day, and provide free access to about two dozen attractions, including the Chicago Riverfront, Chicago Park District and Chicago Zoo. If you are in Chicago for more than a day or two, you should also consider purchasing a CityPASS Smart to purchase mass tickets for mass attractions. Go Chicago Card and enjoy free parking, free admission to Chicago's top attractions and more by purchasing CityPass Smart.

Lakeview is particularly well suited to moving around the city after work, as the red, purple and brown lines run through Lakeview and the area has access to CTA trains. If downtown Chicago is a little crowded, Oakbrook Center is just 30 minutes away, where you can shop, find good food, have fun, shop and even find activities for kids. The Dupage is also a great place to stay, offering everyone a great tourist experience, but with more off-the-beaten-path attractions that are family friendly. In one building there is a nature centre and there are a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities for adults and children.

Not far from the zoo is the Lincoln Park Conservatory, and it's a great place to take the kids. It offers a variety of activities for adults and children, such as a playground, playgrounds and a playground. The Chicago Zoo, Chicago Park District and Chicago Parks and Recreation facilities are numerous, making it a great place to discover some great activities for Chicago children.

Visit Choose Chicago website to see all the free programs, events and activities at the city's museums, cultural centers and parks. Check the Chicago Parks and Recreation website for a list of free activities for children and families.

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Brookfield Zoo offers plenty to discover, whether you want to gaze at polar bears, get up close and personal with bottlenose dolphins, wander through wetlands and see alligators, or encounter the kingdom of big cats. Explore the Wild West Museum with 19th-century artifacts, ride a bike, see the Old West Show and ride a horse.

Visit one of the kids - approved restaurants, listen to Chicago blues music at River Roast, walk along the waterfront or be reassured that by visiting the museum you are helping all of the West Chicago community. Don't forget to visit the McCormick Bridgehouse and the Chicago River Museum, which will make you interesting with their exhibits and artworks. When you're at Navy Pier, you can see the Crystal Gardens, see a show at the IMAX Theater, enjoy a - good - view of the Chicago River and see boats galore in the harbor of all sizes. And don't forget, don't rest on your laurels when you visit one of these museums, because they all help your West Chicago community!

If you're looking for a fun day out with the kids, look no further than Turtle Splash Park. Stay at Lincoln Park Zoo and see the scene for yourself during the day - the crowds go home.

The Zachary hotel near Wrigley Field is also a new and exciting place, so stay here for a little stay. Jackson Park is just a few blocks from the Chicago River and is a beautiful outdoor concert venue in downtown Chicago. I recommend this free offer as most shows are free and it is one of my favorite places in town. It is also free at Garfield Park Conservatory, which offers a beautiful historic reprieve in the West Loop, and Lake Michigan Park.

More About West Chicago

More About West Chicago