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The Guthrie Tavern in Lakeview has announced it will close permanently and reintroduce COVID-19 restrictions on bars, restaurants and other businesses. The bar announced that it would close and no longer operate under the city's new "COVID 19" license. In a statement, the bar said: "We will close our doors and operate at a new location in the coming months.

The legendary Chicago nightclub has been around since Al Capone used the venue as a speakeasy in the 1920s. In 1974, the village was again renamed West Chicago, with banker Grant A. Dayton as its first mayor. The city government has outgrown one of two buildings in West Chicago that is a National Historic Landmark, Turner Town Hall, which the city built in 1976 in its place after the death of its original owner, George Turner.

Whether you're listening to live music in the evening, sipping a martini in a swanky lounge or drinking beer in a pub, Chicago's bars and nightclubs have something for you. Divided into a handful of different rooms, they include a variety of eclectic weekly calendars featuring events such as the Chicago Bar & Grill, Wicker Park Bar and West Chicago Club, so you're sure to find a place to hang out.

The best night owls: While River North is full of bars and restaurants, the Joy District offers everything you could wish for in the evening, from surprise performances by local bands to special events. The swanky two-storey club bar offers live music, a full bar and everything you might expect from an after-hours bar in this area.

The club, which is only open on Thursdays, has all the ingredients for a fun evening with friends. Make sure you bring a group of friends together and enjoy the exciting nightlife along the River West.

If you're ready to plan a trip to Chicago, check out some of the best nightspots below or call us and visit our Yelp or TripAdvisor website to find the most popular bars and nightclubs in West Chicago and the Chicago area. These are two intimate and stylish locations to hold events and enhance your bar or nightclub with great food, drinks and great entertainment.

The Green Mill, an extension of John Barleycorn's in Lincoln Park, is buried by one of the city's most popular jazz clubs, Green Mills. Inspired by Chicago's legendary jazz bar and restaurant, Blue Moon, it attracts tourists and jazz lovers alike with great food, drinks and great music.

The West Loop is also home to Greektown, where you can explore the legacy of Greek immigrant life at the National Greek Museum and get a taste of traditional Mediterranean cuisine. With its proud heritage, celebrated annually with food, dancing and parades, it cannot help but feel part of an international village hiding in Little Italy. People come from all over the city to taste the halste, halstes and halestos as well as a variety of other Mediterranean dishes.

West of the river, the possibilities for a bar at 4 am are a bit thin, but the bars in the neighborhood have solid standbys. El Hefe had its skezi moment, and this hip bar and restaurant offers $10 beer and pizza every weekday from 4 to 6 p.m. In your twenties - something piles up on weekends, a bar visit is the easiest way to relax in the city. Do something that is often said about a place you can drink until the sun rises: make it a destination for the night.

If you want to spend an evening in the city, you can be sure that the River West neighborhood offers many fun bar options. If you're going out in the evening and don't really want to be in a lounge or club, Chicago has a number of unique bars that will certainly keep your group entertained.

From dance clubs to roller skating and pools, Chicagoland offers a variety of fun activities until late at night. The evenings are as varied as the city itself, with destinations specialising in everything from live music and dance parties to food and drinks.

Best Nightlife recommends: If you're in the market for a cheesy, fun, inexpensive place to dance, we recommend it. Considered one of the top nightclubs inThe In the Midwest, it must be for the over-21s, but when you work for the anti-dance club crowd, it's a free - to - play, all - you - can - go - in - for - free target.

Best Nightlife recommends: Old Town School Folk Music is an intimate, comfortable space that showcases much more folk music in this great Chicago neighborhood. Located on the corner of North and South State Streets in the heart of the West Loop, Roscoe tickles a lot of boxes: a bar, a dance club and a room divided into two separate rooms, one for live jazz and the other for dance music. Best nightlife recommended: The Green Mill is perfect for those who appreciate live jazz in a casual, stylish atmosphere.

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